Confusion about the Total Pending Withdrawal ETH

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I find the data named Total Pending Withdrawal and Number of Full exit Validators in the Ethereum-shanghai Page. I wonder what is the meaning of these two number, and where they come from. if these means the validators who sign the withdrawal from the chain, it is wired that the unlocked number of Eth from April 21-23 is blow 5000. if yes, the number seems should be more than 50K every day .


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tanawat | TokenUnlocks| tw: @ApeWagmi

Hi thanks for your feedback!

The total pending withdrawals are validator who already send the confirmation to withdraw and their status is now 0x01, this includes the partial withdrawals where staker automatically get their interest

Some period you can see very low amount of eth pending exit than other because partial withdrawals take up the queue( the one with only rewards exit) because the rate of exit is not constant. We may see a big jump of eth pending exit soon when full withdrawals get to their queue. Happy to discuss more if there still doubt